• How long does it take to send a message?
  • A few seconds, I guess.
  • Did you ever think that chatting is just hard?
  • Hmm, no… not really.
  • Then why don't you publish content on your blog by sending a message?
  • Can I do that? I didn't know that's possible.
  • Yeah! msgWP is a plugin that allows you to create WordPress posts using Telegram.

WordPress is yours. It’s open source, and it’s free.

Telegram is a super-fast, simple and free messaging app that you can use on all your devices, with a focus on security.

Send text messages and photos from Telegram and let your followers enjoy them on your WordPress blog. msgWP takes care of the publishing part.

  • Open the Telegram app.
  • Write your thoughts or take a picture.
  • Press send and get on with your life.

You can still use WordPress the regular way. msgWP simply adds a powerful and new way to publish content, but it doesn't take away anything.

Once you installed msgWP, you can start sharing your moments on your site with those who care.

Social media
  • Addictive on purpose
  • Illusion of control
  • Selling you
  • Toxic environment
  • Same boring GIFs
Your corner of the web
  • Standing strong by values
  • Followers who care
  • Complete control
  • Peace of mind
  • At least your boring GIFs

There is little to configure, and we explain everything. You are up and running in minutes.

Yes, msgWP plays well with all themes and doesn’t affect their functionality.

You can edit the post right from Telegram. You don’t have to go the WordPress admin to fix it.

Sure, you can assign categories or tags. If you need to publish posts as drafts, that’s doable. Text formatting? Actions? Filters? Yes! Yes! And yes!