Who is “we”? The teaser version.

You don’t know me from social media, and that’s because I have exactly one post on Facebook. I had six tweets on Twitter, but I deleted those.

Am I going to get in trouble with my U.S. visa application? Most likely.

👋, my name is Róbert – or just Rob.

My close friends are following me on a private blog – I post there regularly.

You might have guessed, I feel strongly about blogging and microblogging. It’s not all rainbows – if you have one, you know that it takes a certain kind of commitment and effort.

While I keep a low profile in the WordPress community, I make sure that I’m informed. I know what reputation is, what transparency means.

I should have known better not to wait for others to ask for a post like this. It was a mistake.

The good news

It so happens that yesterday we had a talk with Michelle Ames for a WPCoffeeTalk episode.

She was kind enough to talk to me even though all her previous guests are WordCamp or WordPress Meetup speakers and/or organizers. Well, I’m not. I only attended two local meetups and 8 hours of WordCamp Europe.

Why am I bringing this up? She is asking all her guests to share the episode on social media – rightfully so. But let’s be honest, taking into account my past activity on social media, there is a real chance that I’m not going to share it on my private accounts.

Yesterday, I had no idea how to help her to promote the show, but now I know how. Watch the upcoming and current episodes of WPCoffeeTalk. Once the episode is online, I’m going to publish a follow-up post here.

Michelle, thank you for the chance to be on your podcast.

If you intend to watch it, I warn you: it was my first ever podcast appearance. Also, be patient, because it might take Michelle a week or two or three to publish the episode.

Posted on: July 2, 2019
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